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The customization of DDL Mortars enables a wide range of solutions, adaptable for different requirements, for built heritage, and historic and contemporary buildings. It  allows:

  1. Technical customization.

  2. ​Complementary use of raw materials.

  3. Unconventional constructive solutions.

  4. Broad scope of aesthetic and style solutions, with possibility of colour customization.


DDL Mortars combine simultaneously the advantages and assets of traditional and contemporary solutions.

The product base offers different types of products, with high physical, chemical, and technical compatibility with traditional and contemporary buildings. It uses traditional binders and specific additives that enhance the products stability, durability and work performance, either for rehabilitation as construction of buildings.

The several DDL mortars express a solid compatible performance with the building features, originating a high permeability to water vapour.


​Pre-dosed mortars are easy to prepare and allow fast and clean works.

 ​DDL Mortars use natural materials, ecological and sustainable, that allow:

  1. Use of binders (aerial and hydraulic lime) that require low production temperatures and less CO2 emissions, instead of cement, and ensures higher elasticity (and less prone to cracking), higher permeability to water vapour, lower environmental impact in the manufacture and transportation.

  2. Networking with extractive and transforming industry partners who have active environmental policies.

  3. Use of alternative organic additives that have a great performance, resorting to industrial waste instead of petroleum based materials.

  4. Use of binders that absorb and retain CO2 during the carbonation process.

  5. Use of natural materials, like cork or plant and animal fibers, reducing the use of synthetic additives.